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Echo Boy

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I’ve recently finished reading one of the most amazing dystopian books ever written. It’s called Echo Boy. Honestly, when I first glimpsed at the book, I found it quite displeasing and somehow cliché. The cover of the book showed a human face, which I later discovered was a significant character in…

English blog: Hogwarts

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Once you start reading you'll wish you were in Hogwarts, the teachers who are secretly against you, students who want your guts for garters. Wait. Sounds like school in general. But in all,  Hogwarts is a magical place. The level of description the author puts down makes it hard NOT to…

English blog:Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

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As the first book in the Harry Potter series I would say this would have been my favourite out of them all. To start off, the storyline never bored me nor was it at a slow pace but had a flow that kept me reading and going. Did it live up…

English blog: Thirteen - Tom Hoyle

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Thirteen was very suspenseful and a thrilling book. It had all the right ingredients to have you sitting at the edge of your seat, apprehensive to find out more. The plot was unusual and the book was well written. The protagonist, Adam, was very normal, for lack of a better word,…