Beds Alert

There’s been a major incident in north Cumbria.

A shortage of beds. The shortage of beds has affected Carlisle Cumberland Infirmary and the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven. This has caused all non-emergency operations to be postponed for both hospitals. The cause has been found of “consistently high” admissions to both hospitals. Patients declared emergency have been sent to hospitals in Newcastle, Hexham and Morecambe Bay.

Dr Jeremy Rushmer has said: "Our prime concern is making sure we can continue to provide safe care for patients and this becomes increasingly difficult when our hospitals reach capacity.”

To seek out the problem, the director of Cumbria Partnership has said they will take actions in safely opening up a small number of additional beds in the community hospitals. Even though some may not see this as a major incident, it has caused hospitals to post-phone many operations and having to divert patients to other hospitals around the country.

It shows that when a hospital declares something as being a major incident it indicates the pressure on services has forced special measures to be forced on to happen. This declaration has allowed hospital to call in for extra staff for help.

By Phairin

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