Ukraine in summary

Since last November, trouble has swept through Ukraine, a country which lies on the western border of Russia. The previous Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych declined a trade agreement with the EU but sought closer ties with Russia. December saw over 300,000 people protesting in Kiev’s Independence Square in retaliation to the new ties. Protests aggravated and the deadliest day of the crisis had over 80 deaths. The situation grew worse in Crimea and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, stepped in to help the Russian citizens. Russia seized control of Crimea by holding an early referendum and claimed to have over 95% of Crimean’s voting to join Russia. However, this led to many international outcries. Many sanctions have been listed against individuals involved in the annexation of Crimea because they have breached international law. Currently, Russia has been kicked out of the G8.

What will happen to Crimea? Will it be internationally recognised as a territory of Russia or will Russia continue to be sanctioned and finally give in to international pressure?

By Aiman

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