Potential Malaysian Flight MH370 Debris Found

A satellite from Thailand has found 300 floating objects in the area of the Southern Indian Ocean; which was the area that was searched for the missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH370.

The given images were captured by the Thaichote satellite on 24th March, which was the day after another satellite, from the French, showed images of 122 floating objects.

The missing flight disappeared on 8th March with 239 people on board. It has been said by the Malaysian Prime Minister that the plane must have ended up in the Indian Ocean and that all who were aboard on the plane are assumed to have not survived.

Unfortunately, on Thursday search planes were suspended due to the poor visibility that they experienced.

The latest Thai images were shown in The Nation and were said to show some 300 floating objects scattered over an area about 2,700km (1,680 miles) south-west of Perth.

The objects were about 200km (120 miles) from the site of the French satellite images.

Relatives continue to hope of their loved ones’ survival but scientists deem it highly unlikely. Who knows?

By Esther

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