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Food, textiles and Product Design are offered at GCSE

Year 10 Content

Design and make mini projects- target markets, design specifications, generating and modelling ideas, finishing techniques, quality assurance, testing and evaluation, workshop safety, methods of production, packaging and labelling.

Design issues- ideas from other designers, product evolution, environmental issues, product lifecycles, human factors, market pull-technology push.

Materials-  sources, properties and uses of materials, processing materials. Paper and board plus a choice of; food, textiles, wood, metal, plastics.


  • Enquiry
  • Field trips
  • Visiting speakers
  • Independent study
  • Pair work
  • Group work
  • Discussion
  • Decision making
  • Presentations
  • Modelling
  • Making

Year 11 Content

Controlled Assessment Design and Make task.

Analysing and researching the design brief- questionnaires, analysing existing products, creating a mood board, design specification, analysis.

Generating and developing ideas- design drawings, isometric/ orthographic drawings, CAD, modelling.

Planning and making- flowcharts, costing, manufacturing specification, quality control. HACCP. COSHH, production of prototype.

Testing and evaluating- end user testing, modifications for commercial production.

Exam preparation- Design question and long answer practice on a given theme.