Year 10 Content:

Unit 1

Studying society- Looks at social structures, including the family and education systems in our society. Examines power and authority, looking at how people change because of this.

Education- Looks at the structure of the education system and examines issues such as faith schools, testing, special needs, and alternative forms of educational provision.

Families- Looks at defining different families and examines diverse forms of the family in Britain today:

e.g. married/non‑married, couple/lone parent, heterosexual/gay, extended/nuclear and reconstituted

Year 11 Content

Unit 2

Crime & Deviance- Looks at the concepts of crime and deviance and  the ways in which individuals are encouraged to conform to social rules both formal and informal.

Mass media- Looks at the relationship between the mass media and audience and how this may be affected by new technologies.

Power- Looks at the political process, at local and national level, by individuals and communities and sections of society.

Social Inequality- Looks at the unequal distribution of wealth, income, status and power.


  • Analysis skills
  • research skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • Expressing own opinion
  • Understanding the opinions of others
  • Independent study
  • Pair work
  • Group work
  • Discussion