Health and Social Care

Year 10 Content

Effective communication – verbal, non-verbal, alternative forms, barriers and their impact on service users, demonstrating communication skills. 

Care values in the health and social care setting – demonstrating the care values, respect, dignity, safeguarding, duty of care, person-centred approach, confidentiality, how the care values are underpinned in the health and social care setting, how care workers can empower service users. 

Year 11 Content

Human lifespan development – life stages, key aspects of human growth and development at each life stage, factors affecting human growth and development and how they are interrelated, expected and unexpected life events. 

The impact of nutrition on health and well-being - components of a balanced diet, impact of balanced and unbalanced diets on health and wellbeing, nutritional needs of individuals. 


  • Paired work
  • Group work
  • Discussion
  • Independent study
  • Modelling
  • Role play
  • Presentations
  • Observations
  • Evaluations