Business Studies

Year 10 Content

Business planning- ideas, location, target market, products services, sectors, costs

Entrepreneurs- attributes, skills, key factors needed to be a successes in business

Finance- break even, direct indirect costs, forecasts, fixed, variable, running costs

Ownership-PLC,LTD., sole trader, franchise, liability advantages disadvantages

Year 11 Content

Communication basics– verbal, visual, process

Advantages of good communication- sales, profit, motivation, customer retention, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty

Websites and communication, advantages of websites, layout, information, passive, active, videos,

Information, FAQ, live chat

Communication –  flow diagrams, hierarchical charts, flat structures


  • Role play
  • Educational visits
  • Independent study
  • Pair work
  • Group work
  • Discussion
  • Decision making
  • Presentations
  • Modelling