Designing Co-op christmas crackers with Hallmark

Some of our most talented artists were invited to Hallmark Cards in Bradford to help design next year's Co-op Christmas crackers! 

They got a tour of the building, spoke to the designers and artists and got to see where all the Hallmark magic happens. Hallmark have a room that is just for glitter and buttons and other accessories that make their cards so great. 

Like real designers, they were given a brief to work from including the Co-op's Christmas theme for next year. After some guidance from the Hallmark designers, they all got to work coming up with several designs, which will be sent for approval. Then a selection will be chosen to be put in to production ready for next year. Each of the students will receive a box of crackers as a thank you for their hard work. 

We can't wait to see the students designs be turned into the real thing, hurry up Christmas 2018! 

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