Student Voice: The effects of bullying on mental health.

Did you know, 1 in 4 people are effected by a mental health problem every year? What if that was your friend, or your family member. Now, what if you were the cause? 

Mental health and bullying can be linked in many ways. For example, they both can make people feel worthless inside. Not only that but bullying can negatively affect a person's mental health.

Sometimes, the bully doesn’t know what they’re doing, they think it’s just a joke, but the thing is, a joke is something both parties find funny. It’s important to realise what you are doing before things go too far.

But, of course, you do get bullies that know what they’re doing, they can bully for attention, jealousy, or because they were once a victim themselves, or currently a victim. It’s good to know why someone is bullying and talk to them about it rather than just shouting at them for it. 

Mental health is a very important part of someone. It’s controls them and can effect how a person thinks or acts. A few examples of the causes of mental health problems can be, sleep difficulties, bullying, abuse, stress and everyday struggles.

The best way to help someone with a mental health problem is to offer help, and someone to listen to them, you can’t force them to talk because they might not be ready but it’s good to let them know you will listen.

Finally, perform an act of kindness today, you can do anything, just do something nice that someone doesn’t exactly have to pay you back for.

-Tegan Hudson, a representative of The Stephen Lawrence Committee

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