Ada.Ada.Ada, the woman that time almost forgot.

Ms Frost's textile class took a trip to Leeds Central Library to watch Ada.Ada.Ada, a play about Ada Lovelace.

Ada Lovelace wrote the first complex algorithm in 1843, but was then almost written out of history. Written, directed and designed by Zoe Philpott, the show has Ada Lovelace telling her story using an LED dress which she operates- live on stage- using her wearable tech satin gloves.

The aim of the play is inspire future Adas to engage with tech and think about STEM as a career. The students also got to take part in workshops where they got a tour of Ada's dress, Raspberry Pi, circutery, LEDs, conductive fabric and thread that make the dress work.

They also got a chance to recreate the patterns on Ada's dress with Codebugs and coding progrramme Scratch.

It was a fascinating session learning about modern technology and how Ada Lovelace made it all possible.

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