Tackling religious homophobia with the Naz and Matt Foundation

The Naz and Matt Foundation was set up in 2014 after the tragic death of Matt's fiancé, Naz, who took his own life just days after his deeply religious family confronted him about his sexuality. 

In Naz's honour, and to prevent something like this happening again, Matt decided to campaign for and empower fellow LGBTQI individuals and their families. 

Matt works with charity Karma Nirvana, for which we are a beacon school and Mr Mitchell is a patron, supporting them in their tireless work to promote tolerance, acceptance and love. 

Through this partnership, we were lucky to have Matt visit our Academy and deliver some eye-opening talks about the real effects of religious homophobia. 

He spoke to students about his experience, and how it's so important for schools to provide a space for conversation and increased understanding and acceptance of LGBTQI. 

We firmly believe in Equality and Equity for all, and it was wonderful to have Matt in the Academy talking to us about how those values can actually save lives. 

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