All aboard the Betty Bus!

Betty Bus is an interactive and immersive session designed to help girls to explore how periods can affect their emotions and what they can do to combat them.

The aim is to show girls and boys that periods are a completely natural and normal thing, encouraging open and honest conversation about the subject. 

On board the Betty Bus, the girls took part in interative activities to get them thinking about periods, what they know and what they don't. 

Then they spent time with the Betty Bus experts who helped answer any questions they had, from how to deal with cramps to when it's normal to start your period. 

Don't worry, the boys weren't forgotten about! They spent the session with Ben and Other Ben learning about empathy and how they can be more understanding about periods. 

Through these sessions, the Betty Bus programme hopes to create a generation of girls and boys who fully understand and are comfortable with periods. 

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