End of year awards celebration assembly

Yesterday was the last day of the year and we celebrated by inviting the whole school down to Bridge Community Church. 

The guilds came down two at a time, (Seacole and Luther King and then Da Vinci and Tomlinson) to celebrate what they've accomplished throughout the year.

They started off by congratulating those students whose attendence was over 95%, including many students who haven't missed a single day of school this year. These students won a range of prizes, from a bike to a trip to flamingo land. 

We also said a big well done to all of our students who completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition and award. 

Throughout the assembly Mrs Shaw's students took to the stage showing off their musical talents. We were also treated to another peformance by staff band 'CAL and The Gang'. 

Da Vinci and Tomlinson also had a surprise for their guilds; every coach joined Mr Stanley and Ms Riches on stage to perform a rendition of 'Summer Nights' from the musical Grease. 

It was a brilliant way to end the year, we hope everyone enjoys their summer and we look forward to seeing you all back in the Academy in six weeks time.


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