'On Your Marks' cooking challenge with Chartwells

All the healthy food in the school canteen is supplied by Chartwells,  but today it was up to the students to make it!  
Well sort of...
Chartwells brought a chef in to the Academy and the fun started with Chef Fay discussing all the different food groups and why a  healthy and varied diet is so important.  Then there was an ‘On Your Marks’ competition between the Green and Red student teams to make the best cauliflower and chickpea curry, with the rest of the students cheering them on.
to hold their 'On Your Marks' cooking competition. Years 7 and 9 cheered on the Red or the Green team as they raced to make the best cauliflower and chickpea curry with spiced cous cous, all packed with tasty vegetables and spices. The two teams had 15 minutes to follow the recipe and produce a delicious plate of food.
While the teams were cooking, Chef Fay invited students from the audience to check out the vairedcooking styles, asking their predictions of who would win the challenge. 
Despite having the same ingredients, the teams food looked and tasted completely different, showing how easy it is to make a healthy and varied meal with just a few ingredients. 
The challenge was great fun and all the teams worked hard to create a meal that not only looked great but tasted it too! 

Check out more photos here

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