'We Never Talk About It'

In order to have healthy relationships and develop good self-esteem, empathy and emotional maturity it is important for young people to be well supported in their personal and social education

Through teaching Relationships and Sex Education at school, students can discuss matters in a safe environment, supported by staff and experts. 

 Neil Stotts from 'We Never Talk About It' came to the Academy to talk to Mrs Kaur's PSHE class about the growing risks of pornography. Neil has worked in schools for over 20 years, but this was the first time he had delivered his talk in a schoolenvironment. The talk covered the social, mental, physical and emotional effects that pornography can have on an individual.
These sessions are a great opportunity to help our students with their emotional health and wellbeing, providing specialist advice in a safe and controlled environment. We emphasise the importance of allowing teenagers to have informed discussions around relationships and sex, including usually taboo subjects such as pornography.
Thank you Neil for taking the time to speak to our students about this sensitive but important topic. 
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