The importance of never giving up, with Danielle Bailey

We had the inspirational Danielle Bailey in the Academy this week, sharing her story of bravery and perseverance. 
As a toddler Danielle Bailey contracted meningitis and a blood infection, which meant that her legs and hands had to be amputated.Her mother made sure that nothing would stop Danielle, teaching her to climb stairs using pieces on chocolate on each step as an incentive.
After some encouragement, Danielle tried a swimming class in secondary school and it seemed she was a natural and started intensive training almost immediately. Since then Danielle has competed in countless competitions, regularly placing on the podium and beating national records and her own personal bests. 
In 2011 Danielle won a Pride of Britain award, recognising her amazing efforts and attitude towards life. In 2012, she was asked to carry the Olympic Flame for the London Olympics’ torch relay, but despite all this Danielle still feels like a regular Yorkshire lass. 
Danielle spoke to several classes in the Academy, sharing her story and answering questions from the students. Together they talked about the importance of never giving up, what it's like to be the Pride of Britain and the difficulties of make-up!
The students then created posters for a motivational display in the Humanities corridor,  inspired by Danielle's inspirational talk.
It was wonderful to have such a strong young woman in the Academy and we just loved her personal mantra, one she has tattooed on her arm, is 'the bigger the fight, the bigger the victory', something which everyone would benefit from remembering. 
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