Business in Focus with PWC and IntoUniversity

Continuing our partnership with IntoUniversity, our Year 10 group spent the day at the PWC offices in Leeds taking part in a Business in Focus session.

The Business in Focus sessions are designed to build teamwork and leadership skills through a one-day challenge activity. The students were split in to two teams and given the challenge brief; to plan a host bid for the 'Global Games'. 

One team was given the city of Madrid and the other Chicago, both teams were then given the same information about the two cities. In their teams the students had to allocate roles to each member, these ranged from CEO to finance manager to merchandising designer.

In their brief it explained what each role was responsible for, who they had to work with and which meeting they had to attend. These tasks earned them 'rings', the currency of the game, and the team with the most 'rings' at the end of the challenge would be the winner. 

PWC consultants Ross, Richard, Daniel and Matthew were on hand to offer expert advice on how to form the proposals and build their business plans. The teams had to request sponsorship deals, pay rent and staff costs whilst also completing tasks to earn rings'.  

The teams had to form a three-point argument about why their city should host the Global Games over the other, using facts included in the brief and their own research. They then had the chance the challenge the other team on their points to try and gain more 'rings'.

Throughout the game the students had to work on a marketing strategy, include a social media plan and design and make merchandise prototypes. The teams then presented these to the Global Games Committee in a Marketing and Creative Strategies meeting. The judges were blown away by the breadth of merchandise made, from hats, to t-shirts, branded cookies and water bottles! 

The final challenge was a group showcase where the students had to present their business and marketing plans, show off their merchandise and perform a team song. Both teams worked extremely hard all day, putting all their effort in to every challenge. 

After the judges totted up the final total of 'rings' for each team, they announced Team Chicago as the winners of the challenge. But both teams were highly commended for their effort, determination and excellent teamwork. 

Thank you very much to IntoUniversity for running the session, and to PWC and Ross, Richard, Daniel and Matthew for volunteering their time to help the students. 

You can see more photos from the day here.

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