Year 9 Leadership in Focus with IntoUniversity

Carrying on our work with IntoUniversity the Year 9 group took part in a two-day Leadership in Focus programme. The programme is designed to raise aspirations, self-esteem and motivation. 
The students worked in groups on various challenges which were designed to test their teamwork, working independently and time management as well as forward planning. The teams were rewarded F's (money) for each task they completed but were also fined when they failed to meet expectations. 
The final challenge required them to perform a skills showcase with audience participation, come up with a team chant and prove they could manage their finances.  The team with the most money at the end of the challenges was crowned the winner. Whilst both teams worked very hard, Team Merits just beat Team All Stars by 10Fs!  Well done to all who participated and congratulations to Team Merits.
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