Art workshop with Woodlands Primary Year 4 classes

Over the last term we have held a series of art workshops for Year 4 students from our sister academy Woodlands Primary. 
The group sessions were led by Miss Barrow, and the students were able to try out new art techniques.  The sessions started with a warm-up, with the students drawing different items by eye using biro-pens. They then had to try and draw the same items with the hand they don't normally write with. Finally, the hardest challenge was to close their eyes and try and draw the items from memory. The result was some wonderful and abstract drawings.
Another technique the students tried was drawing some unique and beautiful observational drawings by using the wrong end of a paintbrush which had been dipped into some ink, they used the bristles on the paintbrush to blend the ink, making some lovely lights and shadows on the page.
With oil pastels the children coloured in the back of some printed images of shells, using vivid colours to create striking patterns, once completed they traced over the shell images on top of plain paper, leaving behind brightly coloured outlines. The result was an array of spectacular and bright artwork. 
For the final technique Miss Barrow gave out some black paper and asked the students to draw the biggest shells they could using the same oil pastels. As the pastels were thick and colourful they showed up well on the black paper. 
We loved having the students from Woodlands and hope they really enjoyed the workshops. Check out Here, here and here for more photos of the workshops. 
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