Into University workshop with Year 9

IntoUniversity works with students throughout the Academy, seeing 30 students from each year group at least twice a year throughout their academy life. 
After working with Year 8 students earlier this week, it was the turn of Year 9 students with IntoUniversity. Their session was about how to choose which university to go to. 
In groups the students were asked to write down as many universities as they could think of on a piece of paper, answers ranged from right here in Leeds to as far away as Edinburgh. Although the students thought of many universities, they didn't even come close to remembering them all.
There are about 395 university providers in the UK, some close to home and some a few hours away. The exercise was designed to get the students thinking about how far they would want to travel for the university life. Some students wanted to stay in Leeds, whilst others talked about places like Manchester and London. 
It's important for our students to know that choosing to move for university is a big deal, and requires a lot of thought. It is also important that they know that whether they stay at home or spread their wings, both choices are just as valuable. 
As well as location, another important factor when deciding which university to attend is what course you want to study. With over 50,000 courses to choose from, that decision can be quite daunting. 
In their groups the students thought about what career path they would like to take. They completed a careers questionnaire that helped them understand which careers are best suited to their personal qualities. 
By choosing the right course, it helps narrow down the universities on offer and as many universities specialise in certain subjects, it's imporant to know what the best option will be. 
This session was a great way to get the students thinking about what their Post-16 journey will look like. Thank you to IntoUniversity for the great workshop. 
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