Thinking about the future at our Careers Fair 2017

Here at the Academy we want to ensure that all students reach their maximum potential and are well equipped for their future in the real world. 
Post-16 options are a real concern for many of our students so it is important to help them realise what is on offer and how to approach new opportunities. We are very proud of the partnerships we have built with businesses and organisations through our careers and enterprise programmes. These partnerships are vital for giving our students the best chance at success at the end of their academy-life.
Once a year, alongside our continuing careers and enterprise programmes, we organise a Careers Fair where both local and national organisations come to talk to our students. This year we had stalls ranging from the Army to Lloyds Banking Group to Leeds Museums and Galleries.
The breadth of options on offer helps show our students that there are ways to get into almost any profession; not only through university but also through apprenticeships and work schemes. 
It was a great chance for students to talk to professionals and experts, gathering real world advice and information. We hope all our students came away feeling inspired and ready to tackle whatever the future may bring. 
Also a big thank you everyone who participated to make the event such a success. 
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