Year 8 think about the future with IntoUniversity

IntoUniversity works with students throughout the Academy, seeing 30 students from each year group at least twice a year throughout their academy life. 
Year 8 students had their second session this week, focusing on how GCSEs can affect going to University. The students were shown different celebrities and were asked to guess what university course they did.
The exercise showed the students that sometimes people’s degrees had everything to do with the career path they are on, but sometimes it was harder to make the connection. This is important to remember when choosing GCSEs; for subjects like Medicine there are certain subjects that have to be taken, but for others like Media or Business there is more freedom.
The students were then given diagrams showing different jobs and a list of GCSE subjects, they were asked to add the subjects to the diagram where they thought necessary. The activity showed that subjects like Maths, English and ICT were needed in every job, but other subjects were more interchangeable. 
Finally the students discussed what it means to choose subjects you are really passionate about versus subjects you are really good at, and whether this makes a difference to how successful you can be. 
It was a really valuable session that got the students thinking about the not so distant future, and regardless of whether University is for them or not, it is still important for the students to know what their options are. 
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