Spring Spelling Bee

Yesterday we had our Spring Spelling Bee, this time contestants from both Year 7 and 8 battled it out to be crowned Spring champion. 

As part of their weekly visit to the Academy Year 5 and 6 students from Oakwood, Brownhill, Woodlands and Shakespeare primaries were invited to attend. And to our delight, some of them decided they wanted to compete!

The rounds were a little bit different to last time, there were 3 rounds with the words getting harder and harder as the round progressed. 

If the contestants failed to say the word at the start and end of their go, spelt the word incorrectly OR repeated an incorrect spelling, then they were disqualified. 

The stakes were high, but Daanyal of Tomlinson narrowly beat Darren from Oakwood to the crown, taking home a chocolate trophy and winning the Spelling Bee for his guild. 

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