Into University workshop

IntoUniversity was in the Academy running workshops with Year 9 and 10 students.  The workshops were part of our long-term partnership with IntoUniversity, which works with students from Year 7 until they leave.
Today's Year 9 workshop was a Dragon's Den style task where the students had to come up with an idea for a supermarket. The brief said to think outside of the box...and that's exactly what our Year 9s did! From products floating around on clouds to your shopping appearing before your very eyes, the students came up with all kinds of ideas. They not only had to come up with an initial idea but also developed a brand, a logo and a jingle. 
The Year 10 workshop was all about students being more confident and stepping out of their comfort zone. In groups, the students stepped in and out of a circle on the floor to represent whether they felt comfortable or not with a certain scenario. These scenarios ranged from eating an ice cream to going to university. The exercise helped the Year 10s to visualise what takes them out of their comfort zone and why.
The Year 10s then worked in the same groups to talk about what entrepreneurship and enterprise mean.  They looked at how making progress often means taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zone, helping the students realise that being more confident can help them become more successful. 
Thank you to IntoUniversity for coming in to run the workshops, and well done to all the students who took part. 
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