Skype chat with Shazia and Kainat of the Malala Fund

Following a competition with Skype in the Classroom, Doc Academy and the Malala Fund, Mrs Kaur and some of our students got to the chance to speak to Shazia and Kainat.
Shazia and Kainat are high school students from Pakistan, and friends and campaigners with Malala Yousafzai. They were also shot during the Taliban attack on Malala in Mingora, Pakistan on October 12, 2012.
As they rode their school bus home that day, Taliban gunmen stopped the bus and asked "Who is Malala?" Malala was shot in the head, Shazia in the shoulder and hand, and Kainat in her arm. After Shazia and Kainat recovered from their wounds, UN Education Envoy Gordon Brown helped them obtain scholarships to attend a boarding school in the United Kingdom, UWC Atlantic College, where they are in their final year of their studies.
Both girls are passionate about education, have fought to access it themselves and actively encourage many girls around the world to do the same. Both girls are studying for their A Levels in the UK and want to become doctors and return to Pakistan after their schooling.
Malala, Shazia and Kainat remain friends, staying in touch via frequent video chats, and the girls were invited to join Malala in Norway for the Nobel Peace Prize events in December 2014 and at the UN General Assembly in September 2015.
To win the Skype session, our students had to explain in 100 words why they deserved to win, thinking about what they wanted to speak about and issues concerning young people all over the world.
The three winning schools listened to Shazia and Kainat tell their story. The students then had the opportunity to ask the girls some questions, like how had their lives changed since the shooting and whether they had any resentment and hatred towards the Taliban.
Shazia and Kainat explained that although the shooting was a terrible thing to happen, it helped them become the people they are today. They said that without it they may not be doing the things they are now or be helping others that are in the same position they were. When the girls spoke of the Taliban it was not with hatred, but with sadness. Shazia believes that the only way to stop this happening again is through education.
Shazia and Kainat also reminded the students how important their teachers are and that they should be very thankful for the work they do. A sentiment that we very much agree with.
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