Leeds Junior Board; our Year 10s plan ahead

We may just have some future leaders in our midst! Some of our Year 10 students took part in the first session of Ahead Partnership's Junior Board last week. 
Ahead Partnership's  Junior Board is an opportunity for students to work with a range of businesses across the city, providing valuable input to key employers. The employers have questions on young peoples' opinions on lots of key business issues, like apprenticeships, equality and diversity in the workplace, barriers to working in sectors etc. 
Taking part in the Junior Board is an amazing opportunity for our students to develop their employability skills and make connections with employers across Leeds; whilst significantly impacting on decisions made by businesses.
This first session was held at law firm DWF, students had an opportunity to meet others involved in the Junior Board, understand more about the programme and meet Ahead Partnership and Charlotte Sweeney Associates. Volunteers from the businesses were there to provide the students with an insight and interactive activities based around leadership and the core skills required to be a leader. 
The Junior Board is a collaboration between Ahead Partnership and Charlotte Sweeney Associates Ltd. We are very grateful to have been invited to take part in this pilot activity. One that could help provide wider input from young people into the key decisions being made in the city in the future. 
Both the students and the businesses involved really enjoyed themselves and there was lots of mature and engaging discussion. Our students can't for the next session which will take place at Direct Line on 21st April.
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