Colleague Recognition Event 2017

Last Thursday was the third annual Colleague Recognition Event at Angel Square the Co-op headquarters in Manchester. It's a night where colleagues from all across the Trust come together to recognise the amazing work being done across the academies. 

Each academy nominated an individual or group for the recognition awards based on our Co-operative values. 

Our nominees were...

Democracy: Miss Anyiam was nominated because of her amazing work in the sixth form. This year we have had our first sixth form head boy and girl and Miss Anyiam has supported them extensively to bring significant improvements in the sixth form. 

Openness and Honesty: Ms Law was nominated for her ongoing commitment to helping others improve their teaching. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Always being honest and open through both challenging and supporting colleagues. 

Equity and Equality: Miss Frost has developed the outstanding teachers programme throughout the Academy and in other schools. The impact of this has been seen through improvement in teaching. She has also devoted much of her time to help support colleagues in the Technology department. 

Social Responsibility Award: Mrs Scofield and Mrs Thurlby have been nominated for the links they have been developing with the community and primary schools in Leeds to share best practice and support students. Because of their efforts this year we have seen the largest number of primary school teachers and students in the academy working to improve the provision. 

Caring for Others: Mrs Barnes goes above and beyond to ensure that every student recieves an education. She goes out of her way to support students both academically and pastorally. She always listens to staff, supports them and helps to resolve issues. She is also studying for a Masters in Child Education so that the children in her care get the best education possible. 

Solidarity:The Attendance Team here at the Academy have been working tirelessly towards improving attendance, working proactively to support families to ensure that students are coming to school to learn. It is not unheard of for them to visit 30 families a day to encourage students into school and working with parents to develop an understanding of the importance of an education. 

Self-help and Self-responsibility: Ms Driscoll leads the Stephen Lawrence Committee here at the Academy and supports students to raise funds for events. Ms Driscoll was also instrumental in the setting up and development of CATCH, a local organisation that provides services for students and other local youths. She also single handedly taught every student how to give CPR and organised for a defibrillator to be on site and trained staff on how to use it. 

Well done to all of our nominees, and a special one to Ms Driscoll who won the award for Self-help and Self-responsibility. It was amazing to see the hard work going on every day here at the academy being recognised and celebrated. 

Alot of the spectacular things we do here at the Academy often go on behind the scenes and events like this help us recognise how vital these things and the people that do them are.

Thank you everyone. 

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