Acts of Global Unity

Mike Haines' brother David Haines was a British Aid worker who was beheaded by ISIS in 2014. Since then Mike has travelled the world spreading a message of unity, tolerance and understanding.

We were lucky enough to have Mike at the Academy last week sharing this message to some of our students. He gave assemblies to our Year 9 and 10s, talking about his family's experience and what that taught them about being a human being. 

From his experiences Mike has learnt that the fight for unity must be an ethical and moral one. He touched on issues not only about Islamic fundamentalists but also on right-wing extremists. He spoke about how the colour of someone's skin, religion or heritage should not be reasons for them to be treated as anything less than a fellow human being. 

As a multi-cultural Academy this sentiment is very close to our hearts, and it was wonderful to have Mike help us spread this message; a message of love, compassion, tolerance and understanding. He also gave us some resources to be used in lessons around the school. 

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