Getting into character for World Book Day 2017

So World Book Day 2017 was our best yet! Staff pulled out all the stops with their costumes (even making it into The Guardian) and the students got involved with activities throughout the day. 

The students took part in a whole school treasure hunt, having to work out which book each department was dressed as, and find the characters within. Students who completed the treasure hunt were then in the running to win a prize. 

During break and lunchtime the Library was full to the brim with students taking books out and taking part in the other activities on offer. Mrs Jones had put up a community story board, where each person wrote one line of the story. It was interesting to see the stories develop as the day went on. There was also a selfie booth, where students could take a 'Shelfie' with their books. For each of these activities students earnt a Hogwarts house badge, with some lucky few managing to get all four! 

In another corner of the Library there was the legendary 'Cheese' from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, where those few brave students could take a big stinky whiff of it. 

And the fun didn't stop there, Mrs Jones had also hidden five Golden Tickets in books throughout the Library. Though we didn't have a chocolate factory to send them to, the lucky Golden Ticket holders won book sets to take home. 

What a day it was, and now to start planning our costumes for next year...

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