Duke of Edinburgh Award treasure maps

Last week our bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award students tried their hands at creating some maps. 

Navigation skills are very important when going on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, as if you can't read a map you'll probably get very lost! 

Miss Stewart led the session showing students what is important to include in their maps; a compass, a key and as much detail as possible. In pairs the students then made maps of the classroom they were in, trying to make them as accurate as possible. 

But Miss Stewart had a surprise for the students, it turns out they had really been creating...treasure maps. The pairs then took it in turns to hide a sweet in the room and mark it on the map so that their other half could then find it. 

Some people got pretty creative and some just hid them too well. But mostly the treasure maps were a success and the students learnt some valuable lessons about map reading. Let's hope they remember them! 

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