Year 8 trip to Beamish Museum

On Wednesday Miss Young's Year 8 History class went back in time...

Beamish Museum is an open-air museum in the North-East. It was created as a way to preserve the industrial heritage of the area. Its founder Dr Frank Atkinson wanted to use the museum to show the lives of the ordinary people who lived in the region. 

The museum, which tells the story of North East England during the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s, is set up like a living, working town. Costumed actors bring the town to life, allowing everyone that visits to experience first-hand what life was like all those years ago.

The students have been studying The Industrial Revolution, and recently the expansion of the railways. They visited Old Pockerley Hall, where the Squire tried to convince them to invest in the railroads. Most of the students decided they didn't like the idea of people losing their homes to make way for the railway lines. 

After a short trip on the tram, the students had lunch in the 1900s town and visited the sweet shop. They then went on to the Pit Village and Colliery, and went down into the mine to experience the working conditions of Victorian miners. At the village school, they learned about Victorian-style discipline and played a Victorian stick and hoop game. 

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