Phoenix Dance Theatre trip to West Yorkshire Playhouse

Our Year 10 GCSE Dance students were invited to the full dress rehearsal of Phoenix Dance Theatre's Mixed Programme 2017 showcase at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

The programme consisted of three seperate perfomance pieces: Calyx, Beast, and Nightlife at the Flamingo which ran for three nights at the Playhouse. 

Phoenix Dance Theatre is the longest standing contemporary dance company outside of London, and this programme was created as a celebration of their 35th anniversary. 

Phoenix staff teach the GCSE Dance course here at CAL, with some of the instructors performing in the show.  The students felt very lucky to have been given a preview of the show.

"I really liked it. It looked like they were broken when they were on the floor, I don't think I could do it"

Analeigh Tarry

It was a brilliant opportunity for the students to see what can be achieved through dance, allowing them to take back inspiration for their own work on the course. 

Thank you very much to Phoenix Dance Theatre for inviting us to watch the programme.

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