Make The Grade with #GirlTechLCR

These girls can! As part of our STEM for Girls programme some of our Year 8 girls attended #GirlTechLCR yesterday; an event for young women across the Leeds City Region that brings businesses together to raise aspirations and challenge gender stereotypes in the digital sector. 

The event took place at the AQL headquarters, in association with AheadPartnership as part of their Make The Grade programme. Make The Grade focuses on bringing ideas and inspiration through real-life, hands-on experiences. 

#GirlTechLCR focused on raising the aspirations of young women and bringing them knowledge of the skills and experiences that are available to them in their local community. 

The number of females in the digital and creative sectors has been in decline despite the fact that skills are in high demand, and with the demand only set to rise this is a real cause for concern. 

If the UK is to stay a leader in these fields, young people need to be informerd of all their careers options, allowing them to develop the right skills and build a better, more balanced workforce.

The day was made up of workshops with local and global companies, talks from experts and first hand accounts from some ladies working in tech right now.

Partners for the day included AQL, Premier Farnell, Advancery Ltd, O2, Siemans, ThinkBig, LhasaLtd, She Does Digital, PWC, Skipton Building Society, Jet2, EpiphanySearch, WYG group and Zeal. 

The topics for the day were Cyber Security, Development, Design, Ecommerce, Fintech, Medical and New Technologies. This helped give the attendees a rounded view of what the digital and creative sectors have to offer. 

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