Meet our Stephen Lawrence Committee

Say hello to our Stephen Lawrence Committee! The group and Ms Driscoll meet every Wednesday first break, where they discuss issues such as tolerance and acceptance

Today they led an assembly for Seacole, the group explained who Stephen Lawrence was and how his legacy had inspired them to make a difference. This is just one of many things the committee gets up to. 

Last year the group attended WE Day, a celebration of young people making a difference in their local global communities.The day brings together world-renowned speakers and award-winning performers with tens of thousands of young people to celebrate their contributions and kick-start another year of change. 

But you can't buy a ticket for it, it's up to the students to earn their chance to attend through charitable acts throughout the year. 

And that's not all they do, this year they are working with charity MEND on the 'Nice to be Nice' campaign, encouraging people to simply be nicer to each other. 

They are also working on a new community garden project in association with Shine Business Centre right here in Harehills. 

Not to mention a bake sale, a water walk, adopting a village and scaring away hunger. 

These amazing young adults are really making a difference, and hoping to inspire you to do the same. We'll be keeping up with them all year to see what else they get up to. 

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