Around the world in... about 45 minutes

Yesterday the Google Expeditions team took our students on a trip around the world, and they never even left their seats.

The team arrived with armfuls of goggles, ready to take students on an virtual trip to places unknown. 

Through virtual reality goggles students visited destinations around the world as part of their science and humanities lessons. On the Google Expeditions teachers act as a guide, leading the students through collections of 360° and 3D images while pointing out interesting sights along the way. The tours are annoted with details, points of interest and questions that make them easy to integrate into the curriculum.

Over 400 of our student completer 84 difference expeditions, from propelling into outer space, examining the inside of the human body, to diving into the ocean and taking a flight over an active volcano. 

The feedback was amazing, both students and staff thoruoughly enjoyed themselves and we are no looking into how we can continue to offer this within school to enhance learning. It's an innovative way to take students out of the classroom and put them into the world they are learning about, all in the space of an afternoon.

Staring into those little boxes might look silly, but it's cutting edge technology that provides an exciting new avenue for learning. Google is working with a number of partners to create custom educational content that spans the universe.   

Students can continue to explore these expeditions at home by downloading the app onto their phone or tablet, from either the app store or google play. There needs to be a minimum of two people in the expedition so why not share with a friend, sibling or family member.

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