ESH Building My Skills: CVs and cover letters

As part of the ESH Building My Skills sessions we had Amy and Vicky from Yorkshire Water in today. They spoke to our Year 9s about how imporant a good CV and cover letter can be. 

Our students were asked to think about their goals and what they wanted to accomplish in life, one student answered "have my own business" and another just wanted to help others less fortunate - all things that with the right experience the students are more than capable of achieving.  

Amy and Vicky then explained how simple skills like building a great CV and a winning cover letter are vital for accomplishing those goals. They are the first step when getting an employer's attention and making a good first impression, with the CV showing your accomplishments and the cover letter allowing your personality to shine through. 

This was the fourth session of five in the programme, completing another checkpoint and part of the students' employability portfolio. 

Sessions like these are vital in preparing our students for the next steps in life, teaching valuable skills that will last as long as they are used. 

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