Year 11 HSC: Learning to lend a hand

This morning some of our Year 11s had fallen down the stairs, were refusing food and needed help putting their socks on...but don't worry they're all fine!

It was all part of a learning workshop from Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and Ahead Partnership, using role play to show the Health and Social Care students what it's like dealing with real life people and problems. The Project Nurses used this technique to show our Year 11s how to work with the elderly and perfect their bedside manner. 

Healthcare professionals in a range of roles were on hand to give the students an insider view and answer any questions they may have. 

"I found the the workshop really inspirational and it helped me to think about the various jobs that I could do in the health care sector" - Bertha Makhula 

The session ended with a talk on how volunteering can help students get into the sector and help them gain valuable work experience. Sessions like this help give our students all the information they need to make the best choices for them Post-16.

We hope the students felt inspired by the session, and thanks to Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and the Ahead Partnership for running the session. 

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