A celebration of 'Project Positivity'

Yesterday evening we showcased work created by our students in collaboration with local art collective East Street Arts.

It was a celebration of Project Positivity, centered around the idea of turning negative/unsafe spaces into positive/safe ones. 

The name Project Positivity was decided after a discussion with students, giving them ownership of the project. They looked at causes for crime in the local area hoped to create positive alternatives, taking inspiration from the school grounds.  

Between September and November artists Sarah Jane Mason and Andy Testament delivered creative activities with the Year 8 and 9 students. This included exploring our school grounds, taking inspiration from their surroundings and creating installations using brightly coloured wool. This was then documented, with the photos being displayed last night. 

The students were then invited for a tour around Patrick Studios, just around the corner giving them an insight into the working lives of professionals in the creative industries.

"It's been great to establish a relationship with The Co-operative Academy and I see this as the first step to future partnership work... we hope to offer further oppurtunities to the academy, working on projects involving the local community"

At the event last night artist Andy Testament was on hand to give free beatboxing lessons, teaching the top 5 tips on how to get the basics right. 

Sarah Jane Mason manned the badge maker, which was definitely a hit with the students. 

"I am really excited to be involved in this project! It's harnessing the awesome power of the arts to provide a voice for these young people as a way to take back ownership of these shared community areas and transform them into safer, perhaps even playful spaces that everyone can enjoy"

The pair had also helped the students involved create their own song Smile, which includes children's voices, clapping and sounds that they said made them feel safe. 

But the project doesn't stop here. East St Arts plan on coming back and doing some 'reverse graffiti'. This is where stencils and a power washer will be used to wash away dirt leaving behind positive messages and beautiful patterns designed by the students. 

So keep an eye out in the local community, you just might see a masterpiece!

This project was funded by the Big Lottery Fund- Awards For All.

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