Girls That Code: Year 9 digital media workshop

Yesterday Gemma, Becky and Danielle from the Co-operative digital media team came in to school to talk to some of our Year 9 girls.

The session was part of our STEM for Girls project, our way of showing girls how they can be involved in industries that have traditionally been male dominated. 

The ladies from the Co-op screened CodeGirl, a documentary film from director Lesley Chilcott. The film follows secondary-school aged girls from around the world competing in 'The Technovation Challenge'.

The girls in the film were tasked with creating an app that would benefit their community. Some of the girls had no IT experience at all. 

"These girls didn't know anything about computers and coding or computers but willed themselves to learn and make successful apps. This was a way of showing us that if we wanted to try something that wasn't expected of us then we should."- Sabiah

A recent report from the University of Roehamptons School of Education found that there was a lack of provisions for computing qualifications at GCSE and A-level in particular for girls and pupil premium pupils. 

After the film Becky, Gemma and Danielle did a Q&A, where the questions ranged from how much money they made, to how much of coding is really just sitting in a dark room staring at a computer.

By showing our girls real life role-models we hope to inspire them to dream big, and realise that anything is possible!

"I learnt that these girls had started not knowing anything about coding, and, by the end of one month, they had created an app. Not only did I want to join, but I could see myself as those smart girls that win in competitions. Those smart girls who try something new."- Rawan

And this is just the start, the Co-op digital team are hoping to come back and do more workshops, and maybe even help our girls take part in a tech competition later this year. 

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