Keepmoat Visit

On Friday 20th November, a representative from Keepmoat Ltd (a community regeneration and housebuilding company) came into the academy to speak to year 9 science students about sustainable building and Keepmoat’s current project renovation going on in Leeds. The students learned about techniques for sustainable buildings such as installing shallower baths, low flow taps and rainwater flushing toilets to reduce water use, recycling bins and compost bins to reduce waste going to landfill and solar panels on the roof to provide electricity. They then worked in teams to design their own sustainable house, first on paper, then using some equipment such as a cardboard boxes, crepe paper, tin foil, straws, string and plastic cups. Each team had some great ideas but the overall winning team was Fatima D, Renad, Wardat, Katie, Jahed, Ahmed, Asadullah and Mohammed.

On Monday 23rd November 2015, 14 of the students had the opportunity to visit Keepmoat’s Meanwood road renovation project. Here, they saw all of the sustainable building techniques in action as well as some community action ideas like putting fencing around the estate and more street lighting to keep the residents safe at night. The combined visits allowed them to experience the real-life impact of the Science they learn in the classroom as well as learn about some of the jobs available to them in the construction industry when they’re ready to leave school.

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