Children in need

On Friday 13th November, staff and students from the academy came together and raised money for BBC Children in Need.  Our aim was to raise as much money as possible so the whole Academy took part in the fundraising event.

BBC Children in Need is the BBC’s UK corporate charity. Thanks to the support of the public, they are able to make a real difference to the lives of children across the UK. Their vision is to make sure that children have a childhood that is safe, happy, secure and allows them the chance to reach their potential. Since 1980 it has raised over £600 million to change the lives of young people.

On arrival, all students who had chosen to wear non-school uniform donated £1 to the charity and staff paid £2, some staff even dressed as the hero Pudsey Bear.

We had an array of activities happening throughout the day which included ‘The Big Bake Sale’ which took place during morning break. Some members of staff braved the stocks where students paid to throw cold wet sponges at them. These included Mr Mitchell, Mr Jones, Mr Hayter and Mr Stead. Even Mr Gorton the Headteacher next door at Shakespeare Primary School paid £10 for some sponges to throw at Mr Mitchell! There was also a FIFA tournament during the two breaks for staff and students which brought out the big FIFA gamers and caused quite a stir.

The day was a fabulous success and the students really enjoyed the activities throughout the day. The grand total raised was a huge £1128.18.

Well done everyone.

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