Visit from Kenyan Tea Farmer

On Monday 5th March 2012, Joseph Cheruiyot from the FinTea Growers Co-operative Union came to speak to Mr Ward’s year 11 Geography class.

Background of FinTea

FinTea is a ground-breaking Fairtrade project to support 11,000 Kenyan farmers, which has almost reached its completion. It is one of the biggest Fairtrade projects of its kind, which worked from the grassroots upwards with farmers and has received its Fairtrade certification to allow it to sell Fairtrade tea. Following inspection from the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation, the tea will eventually make its way onto the shelves to become the Co-operative Group’s ’99 Fairtrade Tea’ in the UK.

FinTea has also applied for Rain Forest Alliance Certification and is awaiting the outcome of this.

Visit from Kenyan Tea Farmer – article written by Zahed Salimi and Zahid Hussain

When Joseph came to visit the students, he told us about the conditions of the workers and how Fairtrade had made people’s lives better. Endrit [another student] asked him about how Fairtrade could be expanded and his opinion.

We would like to thank Mrs Philpott for organising the visit and thanks for the extra detail that might help our GCSE exam in June!

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