New Website

New website:  just one step in our ambition to provide excellent communication and support for parents!

Welcome to our new website! Please bear with us as the website is still under construction and not everything will be up and running from Day 1. The website marks another stage in our development as an Academy as we try to make sure that our communications with parents are of the highest quality. We have also been developing a programme of courses for parents. Please look at our Parents’ section to find more details of the course on offer to parents.

The summer term has marked the start of our literacy push across the whole Academy, with all staff devoting part of one lesson every fortnight to a key literacy skill. Our first lesson has featured capital letters and full stops!  Over the course of the term and next year, we will be building on this to ensure that all students have a good grounding in the basic skills that they need not just for their exams, but also for life after school!

So keep visiting our website and we will aim to keep you up to date with all our latest news!

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