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Art Exhibition: Project Positivity with East St Arts

Students here at the Academy have been working alongside local art collective East St Arts on a creative project. The project…

IntoUniversity Workshop Year 7 and 12

IntoUniversity will be coming in to The Co-operative Academy of Leeds and continuing to help students prepare for the future.  This…

ESH Careers Session

Esh are coming in to hold a careers workshop Main hall, period 2. 

First annual Spelling Bee!

30 finalists from year 7 will be taking part in a spelling bee. The clever clogs will have specialist subjects words…

Google Expeditions workshop

Google Expeditions will be coming in to school to share some cutting edge technology with us.  Some lucky students will get…

Co-operative Academy Schools Fair-trade Conference

Year 6 and 7 Students from all Co-operative Academies will be heading to the Co-op headquarters in Manchester to attend the…

AQL Workshop: challenging gender stereotypes

A workshop hosted by AQL to help raise aspirations and challenge gender stereotypes in the digital sector.

International Mother Language Day

Each department will be adopting a language for the day, from Portugese to Twi to celebrate the day. 

Junior Board Session 2

The second session of Ahead Partnership's Junior Board. Taking place at DirectLine offices in Leeds. 

Queen Spelling Bee

Our first whole school spelling bee! We are also inviting students from Oakwood, Brownhill and Woodlands primary academies to compete.