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The Academy expects students to take pride in their appearance and always look smart, as it is their place of learning. Therefore, the Academy uniform should be worn without exception every day unless the Academy designates otherwise.

The majority of the uniform items can be bought at shops of your choice. However, certain items (marked U) can only be bought from The Uniform Shop, also known as Jo Brand, on Harehills Lane or through the Academy’s ‘New 2 U’ second-hand uniform shop available at main reception. 

Boys' and Girls' Uniform - compulsory items marked with a *

  • Academy blazer (U)*
  • Academy guild-coloured tie (U)*
  • Plain white shirt*
  • Plain black tailored trousers*
  • Plain black shoes*
  • Optional black V-neck jumper with guild-coloured stripe (U)

Girls' Uniform Only

  • Plain black knee-length skirt
  • Plain black tights

The Academy blazer must be worn at all times with or without the Academy jumper. Sleeves should not be rolled up/pushed up the forearms. All students must wear a white shirt that buttons up to the neckline. Blouses or polo shirts are not permitted. Trousers must be tailored. Leggings or tight trousers are not permitted. Skirts must be knee-length or longer. Shoes must be plain black, flat with a black sole and no heel. Trainers, boots and pumps are not allowed. In winter, students may wear boots in bad weather but must bring shoes to change into once arriving at the Academy. Belts are permitted to be worn but they should be plain and simple – no fashion belts.

Hats and coats

Baseball caps are not permitted to be worn in the Academy. Winter hats are permitted in outdoor areas only. Coats worn over the blazer are permitted in cold weather but must be removed when inside the building.

Jewellery and Make-Up

Students can wear discreet neutral make-up. Bright colours are not permitted and the Academy reserves the right to ask students to remove make-up deemed to be excessive. Jewellery is not permitted to be worn at any time and may be confiscated if seen.

PE Kit

Boys' and Girls' Uniform - compulsory items marked with a *

  • Guild coloured polo shirt (U)*
  • Guild coloured hooded sweatshirt (U)*
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms – no coloured stripes*
  • Trainers or pumps (boots for football/rugby optional)*
  • Dance or GCSE PE students will need an Academy ‘GCSE DANCE’ or ‘GCSE PE’ T-shirt*

Persistent failure to conform to the dress code will result in disciplinary action being taken. 

Guild colours are listed below:

  • Da Vinci – Red
  • Seacole – Gold
  • Tomlinson – Green
  • Luther King – Purple