Our Specialisms

We are a specialist Enterprise and Communication Academy. Our focus on enterprise will help our students to develop skills that will equip them for the world of work in the 21st century.

The enterprise skills that students will gain at the Academy include:

  • Being able to work as part of a team
  • Problem solving
  • Using your initiative
  • Being creative
  • Managing money
  • Strong and confident communication

All subject areas will include enterprise activities in the programmes of study, and all students will have access to enterprise competitions and theme days through their Guilds. Students in Key Stage 5 will have the opportunity to participate in work placements.

Our second specialism ( is Communication; as an Academy in which there are 70 languages spoken, communication is very important to us. As part of the curriculum, we offer a range of languages including French, Spanish and Urdu. In addition many of our students take qualifications in their own heritage language.

Thanks to up-to-date facilities, communication through information technology is a major strength of the Academy. In addition, all subject areas will be promoting speaking and listening activities as part of learning. Theme days will provide extra opportunities for students to express themselves using a variety of approaches.

We have put together a booklet to showcase the partnerships that the Academy has developed over the last year. These partnerships have helped us to provide our students the enterpirse and comminication oppertunities

  • Partnership 2014 15